Oregon Veterans Military Educational Display

“Preserving Our Heritage”


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This display is NOT to glorify war…..

It is to educate the public as to the price of freedom.  To do this, we have had displays at:

  • The Oregon State Capitol
  • Oregon Department Veterans
  • Marion County Fair
  • Churches
  • Colleges
  • High Schools
  • Middle Schools
  • Businesses
  • National Military Veterans Conventions
  • State Military Veterans Conventions
  • Retirement Homes and Facilities

If you wish to support this educational display, the following options are available.

  1. Uniforms are needed from any period of time.  If you donate a uniform, please include a picture and military biography that we can put on the front of the uniform.
  2. Artifacts, news articles, pictures, posters, all of which can be displayed and/or framed.
  3. Monetary donations for the purpose of dry cleaning, and upkeep of the military items.
  4. If you wish to volunteer to help with our museum showings, please contact Tom Vanderhoof at the post or call him at (503) 589-9376.

Contact Information

Tom Vanderhoof: (503) 589-9376
Jim Hardy: (503) 463-4274
Jerry Brixius: (503) 559-4399

Checks or Money Orders should be made out to:

VFW 661 Uniform Display Museum

Send All Donation Checks, Money Orders & Museum Correspondence to:

VFW 661 Uniform Display Museum
P.O. Box 13714
Salem, OR 97309


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